"British - ever so Nordic", at the Nordiska museet (Stockholm), is a full immersion in the wonderful world of British fashion. Luckily for us, the exhibition will going on until March 2020.

Since forever or, at least, since I can remember, the words “England” and “London” trigger a flood of remembrance in my head. Personal memories upon collective memories, overlapping and fighting each other. Carnaby street in the Nineties. Lots of souvernirs, a bunch of punks and a pile of silly t-shirts in my purse. Brit pop in the background.
Camden town in the early 2000s. Tons of pounds in exchange for peculiar clothes and Placebo’s or, alternatively, David Bowie’s vinyls and cds. Music and gigs  all over the town. Britxon, two years ago. A silent visit to David Bowie’s mural, a flower. “Flowers and silence”, as Sneaker Pimps would have said.

British - ever so Nordic: the exhibition

This to introduce an interesting exhibition I recently visited at the Nordiska museet (Nordic museum) in Stockholm and called “British så in i Norden” (British – ever so Nordic). Besides its permanent collection, focused on Nordic culture, the museum boasts a series of temporary shows that, at the moment, are mainly focused on fashion. If you’re looking for something trendy and nostalgicpop and elegant, THIS IS DEFINITELY IT.

Fashion from pop to punk, and more...

Following an itinerary that bends through a series of showcases – like if we were walking in a posh shopping street -, we are immediately immersed in a British-scented show. In fact, a comprehensive  overview of Great Britain’s history of fashion is there, right before our eyes. Able to make us realise how powerful fashion can be. 
With their colours, styles, patterns and fabrics, clothes play a significant role in every epoch, affecting popular culture and embodying certain ideals. While the first dresses without corsets (at the end of the 19th century) and the miniskirt (during the 60s) wanted to affirm women’s emancipation and empowerment; the optical or The Beatles-themed dresses speak for a decade strongly influenced by art and music.

Tweed, tartan, bowler hats, pop art and royal wedding dresses. At British – ever so Nordic one will find all this, and even more. The greatest and most unexpected pleasure for me was to see (exhibited in a museum!) my all-time favourite pants that I used to wear when I was a teenager: my beloved red plaid zip pants. So the first thing I did was to take a picture that, later, I sent to my mom. Yes. That was my payback, after years of maternal disappointment towards my questionable sense of fashion. 
I am sure that everyone of you, within this exhibition, can find his/her story too.

British - ever so Nordic

Nordiska museet, Stockholm
open until the 29th March 2020
Opening times. June–August 9am to 6pm | September–May 10am to 5pm (Wednesdays 10am to 8pm)
Entrance. Adults: 140 SEK (around 14 euro) | Children/Youth 18 years and under: Free | Tuesday 13.00–17.00 (Sep–May): Free
Web. www.nordiskamuseet.se