"NORDTING is a Ting for the North, a mobile governing assembly, a northern party, a separatist movement for the Arctic Colony". (www.amundsveen.no)

I know, my all or nothing attutide applies to every aspect of my life. If I am interested, I am committed 100%, whenever I am not, my brain usually floats away. Immediately.
Well, in case of Nordting, I am totally in. The musician Amund Sjølie Sveen, the dancer Liv Hanne Haugen and the composer Erik Stifjell are the names behind this Norwegian collective that conquered my heart. And they conquered it so badly I had to attend its performance twice. First in Sweden, then in Finland. As the name suggest, the North is their focus and the logo – a standing reindeer over a red background – represents their credo.

In a moment politics is going in reverse, towards nationalism and borders fragmentation, Nordting is a breath of fresh air. Within a 45-to-60-minutes-performance, which is a sharp parody of a political assembly, the three performers lead us to think, to reflect while we laugh. Hard.  

Nordting gives us everything we were looking for

A sarcastic speech that revolves around the crazy idea of setting the North free. And by North I mean the real North – northern Finland, Sweden, Russia, etc. 
A sing-along of Nordting’s anthem, which is nothing less than a medley of the other nordic anthems.
A decision, lots of decisions, the attendants (“We the People”) will made by expressing their vote, cards in their hands. 

What to expect from Nordting's performances

There are plates that have been played, during the IKEA deconstruction song (see below), and bodies that have been danced and voices that have been raised. And all of our senses are involved.
We see while we touch (the person besides us). We listen while we smell (the dried cod that has been played – also, see below). 

Aaaaand we think while we drink (vodka). But I don’t want to spoil the end. At least not completely.


All the pics here shown were taken by me, during the conference Arctic Arts Summit held in Rovaniemi (June 2019).