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The Neon Muzeum in Warsaw: the razzle-dazzle of Cold War

Today we are visiting the Soho Factory district, located a bunch-of-minutes-car-ride distance from the city centre of Warsaw. Besides its position, the neighbourhood has gained a place on the cultural map of the city due to interesting design shops and nightlife places that are populating the area. Among them, situated in a red brick old factory building, the small but interesting Neon Muzeum is worth a visit.

Neon lights from the Cold War period

The museum, which is a private institution founded in 2005, has been dealing since then with “the documentation and the preservation of Cold War neon signs and electro-graphic design” that used to illuminate the streets of Warsaw. So far, the efforts of the founders has led to the publication of three books and catalogue and to the production of the documentary “Neon” by Eric Bednarski. Also, the museum space is stunning and marvelous, packed with neon lights and signes that are colouring the room in different nuances.

But, there is a (small) but.

What is really left after that museum experience? It seems to me that too much emphasis has been given to social media rather than history, contents, that are quite concise. One of the first things that immediately pops up on the museum hompage is its “Instagrammability“, also stressed by other visitors who commented their experience online.  For example, one of them wrote: “For those who are looking for a perfect Instagram picture spot this place on a ‘must visit’ Warsaw list”.

And it’s partially ok, I am not saying that. Also my friends and I, when visiting the Neon Muzeum, had a lot of fun. But maybe in this rutilant itinerary the meaningful historical message gets a little bit lost. And it is a pity.

The Neon Muzeum in pills.

  • What. The Neon Muzeum
  • Where. Soho Factory, Mińska 25, Praga District, 03-808 Warszawa, Poland
  • When. Monday-Friday 12-17 | Wednesday 12-17 (Summer) | Saturday 12-18 | Sunday 11-17

  • Ticket. regular 13 zloty | reduced 10 zloty
  • Web.

Neon lights and signs – details from the Neon Muzeum, Warsaw. Picture taken by me during my visit in November 2018