"Take me to museums", written by Mary Richards and published by Agnes & Aubrey, is "The young explorer's guide to every museum in the world". Perfect for kids at the early stages of education.

It’s vacation time, BUT before the summer break I would like to write something about a fresh, new publication, written and illustrated by Mary RichardsTake me to museums, this is the title, is something more than just a children’s book and mid-way between a guide and an old-school diary (and, I mean, I LOVE old school diaries), with pages waiting to be filled with stories about (yes!) museums.
In fact, who said that museums and exhibitions are for adults only ? All around the world I have seen lots of pupils, children and teenagers actively engaged in telling their anecdotes and giving their interpretations of paintings, sculptures and installations. Sometimes I just sit there and listen, and – I tell you – their ideas are brilliant. 

Let's dispel the myth that museums are boring

Period. We just need to find the way to intepret and read those places and enjoy them by ourselves, or with our family. 
Take me to museums is thus the perfect medium to introduce museums to children aged between 7 and 12, since it guides them through space and time, giving them advices, tips and basic infos about galleries and collections.

Museum as place for adventures

After a short preface about museums, buildings and professionals, the book goes on with five adventures every kid can carry out with his/her family. Every adventure corresponds to a chapter, coloured and illustrated in a different way. This invites kids to interaction, not only by writing, but also by drawing their experiences. Rethinking the visit through their personal point of view about what they have seen, eaten, remembered, enjoyed, readers can build their own memories. At the same time, they acquire the museum basics. Plus, interesting facts about museum history, collections and buildings are spread throughout the book,  arousing kids’ curiosity.
In the end, a museum timeline and an essential glossary serve as complement. Together, they 
complete this colourful publication, which is a first, consructive and fun approach to “every museum in the world”.


Mary Richards, Take me to museums. The young exlorer’s guide to every museum in the world
Agnes & Aubrey, London 2019

ISBN 978-1-9164745-0-5
Price: £ 8,95 

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