"Cult Artists. 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives You Need to Know" is a book published by White Lion Publishing (2019), written byAna Finel Honigman and illustrated by Kristelle Rodeia.

Oh yes, I found the perfect match for this time of the year: book + nice, Christmasy flavour it’s in the air those days. Well we know Christmas time it’s cheesily enjoyable. But how’s the book? It’s entertaining, engaging and visually pleasant. And its contents are obviously arts-related.
The author, Ana Finel Honigman, arts and fashion writer, introduces us into the world & life of some artists who became cuttingedge creatives by virtue of. What? Some of them have been able to create disruptive, disturbing works, which raised questions (waiting for answers) and issues, looking for an interaction, a dialogue. While some others have been socially engaged, provocative, and politically active.

Niki de Saint Phalle as represented by the illustrator Kristelle Rodeia

Every artist that counts (according to a subjective selection, of course) is included within the book. Individual and duos, collectives, men, women and what’s in between and all around, more or less universally famous personalities that gave a significant contribution to the art world. With an accurate emphasis on a feminist perspective.
From Yayoi Kusama‘s polka dots to Rothko‘s color patterns, from H.R. Giger‘s monstrosities to Louise Bourgeois‘ penis. No one and nothing is missing. 
Cult Artists. 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives You Need to Know is then a pleasure for our minds. Annnnd for our eyes as well, since the text are embellished by Kristelle Rodeia‘s lively illustrations giving a pop touch to the whole publication.

Title. Cult Artists. 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives You Need to Know
Author. Ana Finel Honigman
Illustrator. Kristelle Rodeia
Publishing house. White Lion Publishing (London)
Price. 12.99 pounds
Cover. Hard cover
Pages. 144 p.