Wherever there is a museum, I will find it (and review it)


Who am I?

If I had to write a telegram I would describe myself like that.

The only Silvia Colombo living in Sweden. Art historian and museum professional. Extremely interested in interdisciplinarity. Where contemporary art meets poetry. Politics embraces memory. Public art engages society. 
Never tired of art, museums, reading, writing, watching tv series and travelling.

Impetuous. But I cannot take sides. Blur and Oasis, pop and rock, cats and dogs, black and white, Italy and Sweden.

(by the way, that would have been an expensive telegram)

About Museumaniac.

This is not exactly a magazine. This is just a blog about me and my bulkiest interest.  Mattraction/ obsession/ curiosity for museums and exhibitions goes in fact well beyond my professional duties.
When the office door closes, another one opens, sucking me and my thoughts in a wonderful vortex made of imagination, images, installations, sculptures, paintings and rooms filled with meaningful fantasies.

I have learnt to recognise and understand places reading through their museums’ spaces. So I have conceived these pages as a Cloud where I download, collect and share my impressions.
Then here I am, ready to write and tell what my eyes saw and my mind kind-of-processed. I write while I travel so my reviews are rather sparse – as my thoughts, after all.

What to expect
Art & museums (if not clear) 100%
Passion 200%
Reviews 80%
Personal thoughts 30%
Foolishness 25.29%

If you want to exchange ideas or share your thoughts with me, you can find here all the information you may need.